In-Store Bulk Discounts

When shopping in-person at our Retail Gift Shop in Groton, a bulk discount of up to 15% off select products may be added to your total! In-Store Bulk Discounts are given at the discretion of store staff and usually only apply if you are purchasing more than 4 of any one product or product type.

As with all of our in-store discounts, Bulk Discounts and Pricing is at the sole discretion of store staff. A Bulk Discount may not be applied to the same transaction as a returning customer discount. All items must be on the same receipt or transaction to qualify. Receiving a Bulk Discount on one purchase does not guarantee or entitle you to future Bulk Discounts. The Naturali Home LLC Terms of Sale Apply to all In Person and Online Transactions. The best way to guarantee your Bulk Pricing Discount is to order directly through our website or by emailing us at